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Being active is a critical step in maintaining a healthy family.  Exercising outdoors is a powerful mood booster that relieves stress, and relaxes the mind. That's not all. It can prevent a stroke, cancer and heart disease. Check out our many programs and get involved today! 

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GET ACTIVE FOR GOOD and  help  families in need everywhere.  We love the outdoors and believe it's the perfect place to carry out our mission of promoting health and wellness by getting families active outdoors with unique educational and recreational programs.  The outdoors inspires us to be active and healthy and by doing so, we are able to fight childhood obesity and help families connect with nature through our No Child Left Inside program, regardless of age.   Once you sign up, our team will reach out to you and get you involved right away.  Join one of our many events, or enjoy setting up a virtual mission if you can't join us.  Be sure to track it for your chance to win prizes. 

Put down the electronics and step outside to reconnect with nature. Come join our family for a fun day outdoors. We have unique recreational and educational opportunities for everyone. 

We exist to build healthier families and communities. 

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Helping build healthier communities by getting families active outdoors and fighting the obesity epidemic requires many hands. 

​There are many ways to donate to our cause. Whichever way you chose, your donation goes directly to supporting our efforts to put the active in active living.
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Eating right and getting physically active starts at an early age. But it's never too late to start. Take time out to learn how getting and staying active everyday can improve the overall health each member of your family, your coworkers and friends. 

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Children and families across the community, state, and nation are suffering. Chronic illnesses like stroke, cancer and heart disease are at an all time high. Obesity in children and adults is also at an alarming rate, with 1 in 3 children obese.  It does not have to be that way. Together we can do something about it. The Family Outdoor Adventure Club has collaborated with our partners to developed program to fight these epidemics and help families live healthier, active lives.  We put the ACTIVE in active living with great programs tailored to everyone.

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The Family Outdoor Adventure Club is a 501(c)(3) charity organization recognized by the IRS.  Donations to the Family Outdoor Adventure Club are tax deductible.  See your tax professional for details.